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The Crescent City Model Railroad Club (CCMRC) is home to one of the largest HO scale layouts in the Gulf South.  We are located in Metairie, Louisiana, just outside of New Orleans (aka the Crescent City).  We model a fictitious railroad, called the Crescent Lines, whose mainlines carry freight and passengers to and from the beautiful south.

New website for 2014

If you're a regular visitor to our website, you may notice a new look.  We have upgraded the software that runs our site which also changed some of the interface you see.  The site only looks slightly different because most of the changes are internal.  This is our 4th major redesign since we started having an online presence back in 1998.  We also have a Facebook Page.

First Website


Archive of website_1

We began our website on a free website hosting site, Geocities.  It was a basic website with a few pages and photos.  The photos were scanned from film prints.  Since this was a time in technology when most monitors were 640 pixels wide and the newest were 800 pixels, the scans were at a resolution that fit these monitor sizes.  Looking at them on today's monitors, they look small as seen in our Low Res Scans gallery. 

The address was  Since this was too long for an address, we used a free redirecting service which gave us an address of

Second Site


Archive of website_2

In 2000, we bought the domain name and built our new site on Hostrocket hosting service using Microsoft's Front Page. Much more information and visuals were added to this site.  You can see how dated this site was in the screen capture above.  The site was best viewed with Netscape!

Third Site


Archive of website_3

Using Front Page to maintain our HTML site became too time consuming and messy.  Also, using publishing software meant updates could only be made from one computer.  We switched over to content management software that will run from the website's server.  With this software, changes can be made to the site from any web browser.  Also, changes can be made without having to update multiple pages with the same info... making life a bit easier.

Take a look around.  Let us know if you run into any problems... or you like what you see!