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The Crescent City Model Railroad Club has membership available for people interested in prototypical model railroading.



In addition to full operating privileges, the Regular Membership class is available for those people wishing to participate in the direction and guidance of the C.C.M.R.C. Benefits include: building and layout access, voting privileges, as well as full responsibility for the upkeep and maintenance of the building and facilities further outlined in the by-laws.

Contact a Club Officer for Dues information




The Operating Member class is open to those people interested in unlimited operating sessions without the obligations of Regular membership duties and responsibilities.

Dues are $10 a month (Paid Quarterly)



Friends of the CCMRC affiliate memberships are for individuals who enjoy model railroading as a hobby and would like to support the CCMRC. Affiliate membership in the CCMRC is limited to individuals, whose primary residence is sufficiently remote from the club facility to preclude regular participation in club activities. Affiliate members must be NMRA members in good standing. Affiliate members are eligible for no more than six (6) visits per year and are expected to participate in club activities if they do visit during club events. Affiliate members are not voting members cannot hold office nor have a key for the building.

Affiliate Memberships are $25.00 per year. For an Affiliate Membership, complete the application below and send this form with a check for the appropriate amount, to:

CCMRC, Attn: Membership Chairman, 601 N. Lester Ave. Metairie, LA 70003-6131.



Friends of the C.C.M.R.C. Membership Application

Name ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­_________________________________________________



E-Mail Address__________________________________________

Contact Number_________________________________________

NMRA ID #_______________________   Exp. Date_____________


All memberships are subject to the rules and regulations stated in the CCMRC, Inc. by-laws.

Please contact a club officer or director for details