Crescent City Model Railroad Club needs your help with the Gulf Coast Bank Community Rewards Program

The Gulf Coast Bank has a community rewards program to grant qualifying 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations a chance to win grant money. See the attached article that was recently in the Kenner Star newspaper. We could sure use everyone’s help and vote to try to win a part of this $50,000 that is being given out to help with some much needed roof repairs and building maintenance. The voting starts on February 15 and runs to March 15. Votes can be submitted at and you can vote once each day from any valid e-mail address. We are up against some VERY stiff competition, but we can at least try. Let’s try to get our friends and family involved to help vote for us once a day and maybe we can win a small grant to help with our building.

Please be sure to share this post on your own Facebook page so we can get maximum exposure and to get all of the votes we can get.

Also, please invite your Facebook friends and family to “Like” the CCMRC Facebook page too. That way we can get our “Like” numbers up and get even more exposure.